Tawney is a half-elven or elven male. No one seems to know and he has never confirmed or denied anything about his past. He dresses in comfortable but loose clothing and often produces a variety of objects from within the fold of his clothing.


Tawney is Commander Foley’s ‘Head’ of intelligence. Though he holds no official rank in the Guard, most of the officers have had turns serving in his section of the keep. They have learned to respect Tawney’s decisions because he never suggests anything unless it is of the utmost importance.

The intelligence section also serves as the defacto rogues guild of Stalag. Tawney keeps a tight watch over any new people in the city and tries to reign in any visitors that might become a problem before they do. With such a semi-public presence, many traders are happy to come to Stalag with merchandise they might not take to other cities.


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