Krytia Alvatino

Head of the Council of Dukes


Krytia is an over-bearing human woman in her late 50’s. She dresses in fashionably cut dresses that never seem to appear comfortable, and she constantly adjusts or fidgets with them.


Krytia was elected to her position seven years ago after the Head of House Gold passed away at the age of 92. Her election to the position of Head of the Council came as a shock to many because she is the 3rd youngest member of the current council. Many rumors surrounded her election, of late night deals cut in back rooms. Some also feel that she was put in place as a figurehead, the seven years following her election have been peaceful and harmonious, so many of these rumors have died down.

Krytia has proven to be a competent ruler, negotiating several border disputes between the Houses as well as securing numerous trade agreements with various groups that travel beyond Edril’s control.

Krytia Alvatino

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