The Many-headed, The All-become-One, Progenator of Dragons


Ti-hu-maat is depicted in almost endless ways, a Dragon of any color, as a Dragon with between 2 and 11 heads, both as male or female, sometimes male and female at the same time!


Ti-hu-maat and Vecna are the only Gods recognized as ‘Old Gods’, they have both outlived a forgotten pantheon and still maintained their power. The Followers of Ti-hu-maat oppose Anwyn’s followers, but never through open battle like Hasha and Vecna’s battles. Some Theologians suspect this is because of some deal between the gods, or maybe something more sinister. Ti-hu-maat is Chaotic Neutral and the Patron Deity of Dragons, dragon-kin, and Humanoid monsters of all kinds


The Calm within the Storm Daemonis