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  • Krytia Alvatino

    Krytia was elected to her position seven years ago after the Head of House Gold passed away at the age of 92. Her election to the position of Head of the Council came as a shock to many because she is the 3rd youngest member of the current council. Many …

  • Fai Udaski

    Fai is the flamboyant Duke of House Green. He has ruled House Green since his Human father passed away at the age of 68 over 15 years ago. He is known to throw large parties in the Keep of Keadle, the major city of House Green. He is currently not …

  • Van

    Very little is known about Van. He was impaled by a Greatsword inside a block of ice at the top of a pyramid in a ruined Orc city. He seems to be a powerful mage as well. He also seems to owe a debt to someone called 'Marvin'.

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