The Calm within the Storm

Open and Shut Graves

As the group approached the new graveyard, they overheard a meeting between a necromancer and a dog-headed hound archon. Though they cannot make out all the details, they figure out that the hound archon is above the necromancer, but is not in charge of whatever they are doing. He’s annoyed with the necromancer and how long it’s taking him. Then the archon senses something and commands the necromancer to ‘Take care of it.’ while he changes into a large dog and runs out into the mist. The necromancer waves a hand and he disappears as the surrounding empty graves fill up with inky blackness. A load of undead thingies begin to climb out of the graves.

Sandolin ran up and attempted to backstab the necro based on the last location he was known to be but the necromancer had gone. Instead, he heard some weird grinding noises coming from the ground. As he searched the area, the rest of the group began to cut through the undead. He finally found a Metal object in the ground making grinding noises. With no better ideas he starts to smack on it.

Nanoc, exhibiting a brief flash of intellect decided to go in the direction of where the rogue had gone. He gets there and sees the rogue beating the object and greatly helps in destroying it. After the grinding stops, graves empty out and the undead thingies wilted away as if severely weakened.

The group dug up the metal object and inspected the once again empty graves further, finding cracked black pearls in each. They headed back to Stalag to do some research. The book worms (sorcerer, wizard and cleric) went off to the library to drool over the metal object. They found it possessed hints of Planar magic as well as Necromantic magic. The rest of the group took a few days of rest and training while the research happened. The dwarf entered a slave labor camp and made swords and stuff. The ranger found a brothel. The rogue decided to cause trouble.

He picked a few pockets and busted someone trying to pick his pocket. His spidey senses made him follow the guy he busted and he discovered the guy was a professional in the rogues guild. He also discovered the ‘bust’ was not the rogue attempting to steal so much as plant a marked brass token in his coin pouch. He used this token to gain access to the keep and using his roguiness was able to discern the location of the rogues guild which happened to be run by the military intelligence unit of the city.

After meeting Tawney, the head of the cities’ ‘intelligence’ group, he convinced the researchers to share info with Tawney because Commander Foley was out of the city. After relaying the information and their theory about the graves, the following day, they were tasked with going to prove our theory on several graveyards to the east. On the way, they ran into a group of undead and destroyed them.

Further North!

Heading back to Edril with the boxes, they discuss and decide they will return the stuff to the company intact. Doing so and discussing with the local director nets them a % of the items’ value. Looking for more work, they take a request from a Lady artisan to escort her to Stalag, the main city of House Grey, much to the north of Edril.

Pasing north of the forest they visited before, they found a large basin that surrounds Stalag. In the basin, there was a strange, thick, greenish mist. Heading into the basin, the mist passes over everyone’s head and limits visibilty severly. Following the road they run across several groups of undead, some skeletons and a few zombies. In the middle of the journey, the group come across a man and horse being snacked upon by some ghouls, after killing the ghouls, they find the man is still alive but paralyzed. They rig up a drag strecher and tote him northward. Finally breaking through mist after nearly a week’s journey, they find they are just a few hundred feet from the edge of the wall. The City wall stands easily 100 feet or more high with a massive wooden and metal gate.

They hail the city guards and say they have someone that was attacked by undead. The guards bring them inside and identify the man as Lt. Joseph Garthag, he was sent as a messenger to Edril. Even though he didn’t make it to Edril, he is still alive and the guards take him to the city’s temple, dedicated to Zeran. Everyone taks a day to relax after their journey before being summoned by Commander Wilhelm Foley, the man in charge of Stalag.

Explaining the situation in brief, the undead have been laying an unconventional seige of the city, slowly taking over the land in the area. To the north, west, and now to the south, there are strange Graveyards that seem to appear out of nowhere and create the undead. The longer a particular graveyard seems to exist, the more powerful creatures seem to guard it. The Commander asks the group to check for any new graveyards to the south that might have appeared recently.

Interested in what these things could be, the group accepts and heads out looking for trouble. The Commander also assigns a younger Wizard as a scribe to record any findings the come across. The group finds some undead and dice them near the edge of what appears to be a very new graveyard…

First Steps

After setting their initial affairs in place, the group looked for something adventurous or at least money-making for them to do. They find out that some caravans from the north have been attacked when passing through a forest north of the city. They contact the company that was attacked, the Tigosh Trading Company, to find out what they could want. They are hired on by the company to find out who or what is doing this and stop them. If they can recover any of the missing goods they would be happy to pay for them as well.

Heading north, they find some side trails and track them back to a hidden camp and find a group of kobolds and orcs with ballistas to the side of the road going through the forest. The Group strikes! Thty decimate the orcs and most of the kobolds. The remainder turn and run but are fireballed by a strange Dog headed humanoid lounging on a nearby rock before he teleports away.

The group finds 10 Crates marked with Tigosh Trading Company crests. While loading them onto the sled lent to the group by the trading company, they carefully peak inside, to examine the contents….

Campaign Setup

The players are all the 5th, 6th, 9th, or more sons and/or daughters of Minor nobility or High-ranking Knights in the kingdom of Edril. All of them have received training (their first level) where their parents could afford it, but are presumed not likely to marry better than the families current station or provide any useful noble function. They are coming of age(from 18 to 22-ish or equivalent depending on race), and being given a small stipend from their parents and summarily kicked to the curb to seek fortune and fame. It’s common for children of nobility that are coming of age, to get together and go ‘see the world’. Since they’ve all known each other for as long as you remember, it might not be too bad an idea to get together and do just that.

Edril was founded ages ago by an order of holy monks called ‘Edril’s Shields’. While they are not really monks, this is the name taken by the City Guard and standing army of Edril. The Lord of Edril is elected from one of the 7 Major Ducal houses; Blue, Gold, Red, Grey, Green, Black, and Silver. Elections occur on the death of the previous lord, the current lord is Duchess Blue, Krytia Alvatino.

Edril is home to numerous races, even some varient human races that keep to themselves, but it is all any of them have ever known, there are rumors of a ruined country to the north, and a country filled with elves beyond that. To the south is either jungles or desert, depending on which traders are present. To the east is said to be a Citidel of The Dragon Wars, surrounded by unending swamps. To the west at the end of the lands that pay taxes to Edril is the sea, and several port cities.


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