The Calm within the Storm

Trackers, Owlbears, and Necromancers, Oh My!

The Group found the nearby graveyard without trouble. Sandolin went into the graveyard and determined the location of the metal probe planted in this graveyard. It was already churning and the graves were filled already with the inky crap. Wikket decided it would be a good idea to try to capture some of this extra-planar inky ‘ectoplasm’ in a vial. Unfortunatly, he was grabbed and immediately started getting sucked in. Wikket was pulled out of the inkiness by the efforts of Nanoc and Ogio.

About this time, 20 skeletons began coming in to come kill whatever was there. The group assumes this was because trying to break their homes. At this point, Wikket redeemed himself by totally wiping out one of the 2 groups of ten with an impressive turn. In the mean time, Sandolin was beating on the probe and was barely managing to damage it. Nanoc put the final damage on it to make is stop grinding. While Sandolin stopped to look around at the graves, while Nanoc (in a an already raged state) decided to threaten him for not hitting the object again. So, Sandoling decided to move away from the angry barbarian, at least until he calmed down a little. The rest of the party finished off the last 2 skeletons that were remaining at this point. We dug up the probe and recovered 3 magic items (chain shirt, full plate, longsword) from the remains.

The group headed back to Stalag and updated Tawney. While in town, the rogue and cleric went looking for someone to identify magic items they found. Most of the powerful magic users had left with the Commander several weeks earlier. They did hear a rumor of a crazy man that lived in a ruined section of the city. They found the rat man in one of the few buildings remaining in the area. According to Sandolin later,to say this guy was crazy would be an understatement. He was completely out of his mind. After talking with him, and after his ‘discussion’ with ‘Marvin’, he agreed to identify the magic items. For the sum of 10 cracked black pearls, he was able to identify the items by rubbing rat meat on the items and licking them. While a bit gross, it seemed to work for him. Anyway, the items were all High-Quality, so they were happy and divided them up. Sandolin got the sword, Ryan got the plate mail and Nanoc got the chain shirt. Tawney also asked that they head out into the wild to catch up to Commander Wilhelm Foley and give him the new information about the graveyards.

While they felt it sucked trying to find someone with a 2 week head start, especially in the thick mist. Anyway, Zubrod did a fine job of tracking the guys. The group came across some undead owlbears which we were able to kill. Of course, Nanoc and Zubrod decided to take their revenge and sit out a round when the last owl bear was attacking Sadnolin. Anyway, we killed off the last one. Wikket decided he wanted some rotten owl bear meat to take back to the crazy guy, so he was a bit smelly. The group continued tracking until the discovered a huge number of undead in an organized encampment.

The group saw that no matter what this couldn’t be good. So, Zubrod and Sandolin were sent in after Wikket did an invisible to undead spell to them. They wandered through several hundred undead and found the necromancer they had seen back in one of the graveyards. They also saw a cave with humans in it and what appeared to be a barricade. TheyHeaded back to the rest of the group to make a plan. Bellamin sent his rat into the cave with a note. We discovered they were Commander Wilhelm Foley and the contingent that left Stalg with him. Together they formulated what they feared might be the dumbest plan in the history of plans.

They did the undead invisibility spell on everyone but Ryan and walked into camp to find the necromancer right before the attack. Ryan however circled around the camp to create some kind of distraction. After finding the necromancer in some kind of magic circle or barrier, Sandolin disarmed one of the magical wards on the circle protecting the necromancer. Unfortunatly, He got fried by a secondary lightning ward and lay there twitching for a while. At that point, Bellamin shocking grasped the back of the necromancer’s neck and Zubrod plugged 2 very fine arrow shots into the back of his head. This made one very dead necromancer. The undead started attacking anything near them and dispersing now that they were no longer being controlled. We ran for the caves and spent the next little bit in there while the more powerful mages wiped out any undead that approached the cave.



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