The Calm within the Storm

Strange Travelers

So few of our intrepid adventurers decided to leave Stalag early, Ryan and Ogio had splurged and bought a cart and a couple of horses to pull it, which Regred and Bellamin took advantage of to ride on with. Zubrod on the other hand had purchased himself a horse and came along as an outrider.

Before setting out they tried to find the strange rat-man in the crumbling north east section of the city. They do find his hovel, but not him, and with zubrod’s amazing tracking skills, it is determined that he left about a week ago heading north out of the city and towards the mountains.

So The motley bunch heads east out of Stalag after leaving a message for the rest of the party. The group sets their sights on Grice, while making their way through the greenish mist that still surrounds Stalag. They do not encounter anything strange or dangerous and after a few days of travel and they make their way up out of the basin into clear air.

Another week of travel, passing the occasional farm house and fields, nothing even remotely hostile approaches the group. On one of the last days before reaching Grice, the group does see a large ship sail out from beyond a small forest. The ship turns and sails towards them. As it approaches, the group saw that the ship is sailing through the ground as if it was cutting across waves of water. Also, the earth behind it collapsing back together as if nothing had happened. The ship slowed down and a Robed figure shouted down from the deck. Introducing himself as ‘William the Wonderous’, he inquired if any of them knew where Edrahville was, he hadn’t been to it in some time, and had thought it was around this area. Though the group didn’t know of that specific name, they did tell him about Edril, where most of them were from and gave him some general directions to it. William thanked them kindly and shouted around the deck. The ship began to move off to the south as ropes jumped to the strange wizards commands.

Finally, the group makes it to Grice, They were greeted by the town guard and allowed inside, they talked with the guard about any strange events recently and were told they should probably talk with the mayor. After having a nice meal at the inn, the group took a couple of rooms and bedded down until the next day and their meeting. They met with the Mayor of Grice who told them about a few of the problems around town, the nearby mine had been shut down after a string of strange deaths, there is also occasional river pirate trouble, which in turn caused problems with the Lizardmen Kingdom on the other side of the river. Nothing else major had been happening, although they haven’t had any news of edril or any other cities for some time. The group informed the Mayor of the troubles in Stalag, and of general news of Edril. They also asked about purchasing the Mine since it had been shut down. The Mayor couldn’t authorize that since it was under control of House Blue and the regent of the land had left town to head to edril recently. Asking about the history of the mine, the Mayor said he would give them access to the towns library, and there was also one of the surviving miners that lived on the edge of town. Bellamin stayed to look through the library while the rest of the group headed to see the miner.

Bellamin came across a few interesting tidbits in the library, one was that the current Mayor has had the position less than 2 months and the previous mayor was the regent and traditionally the regent and mayor have always been the same person. The regent was also the man that signed the order to seal the mine and he did it less than a week before leaving for Edril. The second thing Bellamin came across was a large, dusty tome titled ‘Cronicles of the Dragon Wars’ and the introduction lists the author as Edrahil.

Meanwhile, everyone else finds the home of the surviving miner, Gregor, a surly and damned ugly son of a bitch. After yelling at them for a bit to leave him alone, the group convinces him they are not here to make fun of him or to call him names, but genuinely want to hear his story. As one of the survivors of an attack, Gregor describes what lead up to it. The miners had dug down to a 6th shaft (level) when the attacks began, this was approximately 6 or 7 months ago. The attacks were infrequent and no one died just lights going out and someone being hit a few times before the were found alone and scared by other miners. Digging continued and around 3 months ago a 7th shaft was begun. This is when the attacks began in earnest. with in the first week 3 miners were dead with no trace left. In the next 2 weeks more of the miners disappeared, sometimes body parts, an arm or a foot were found, other times only blood splattered rocks. The last attack Gregor was involved in, on the 7th level, their lanterns began to gutter out. Himself, his son, and his neighbor, Samal, ran for the elevator up. Something grabbed Gregor and spun him around cutting his face while gripping him, his son leapt at the thing hitting it with a pick. Gregor watched the darkness as it wrapped around his son and split him apart as the light went out. Samal had grabbed Gregor and pulled him onto the elevator and up and out they went. The mine was shut down and a sealed with a wall the next day. Ryan also asks Gregor what was brought out of the mine, he coughs conspiratorially a few times, then offers to show them what was mined. Being careful to watch the windows, he pulls a brick out of the mantle of his fireplace and withdraws a hunk of soot covered metal. After brushing it off, he shows it to the group. A large chunk of silvery metal he cradles in two hands. He won’t let them touch it, and even though unfamiliar with the exact metal, Ryan can tell it is lighter than it’s size belies.

With all the information they can get from him, the group rejoins Bellamin and decide to head up to the mine before heading back west into the mountains. They also let the guards know about their companions that should be following them. heading north a few hours they reach the mines entrance about a mile from the river side. Going up to the entrance they find the it covered with a thick metal door that has been bolted into the rock with numerous bands both vertically and horizontally. Seeing no quick way into it, they decide to move on to the west.

Traveling a few more days the weather cools off, but they don’t run into anything strange, until coming across a mule and wagon in the middle of the plain. as they approach a single Goblin hops out the back and Cheerily greets them, and they find out he is traveling salesgoblin. Merik announces he has lots of wonderful knives, just right for their cutting needs. A little nervous about the situation, Ryan checks the wagon, but only sees dirty goblin sized things in it and figure he seems to be legit. After talking with him for a bit, they find out He was kicked out of a place north of here called ‘Cool’. He’s not sure how long he’s been traveling but he has seen sky island twice in the time. He also seems desperate to sell them something, and Regred flips him a gold piece for amusement.

Continuing on, that night on watch, Zubrod sees in the distance to the east what appears to be a Castle floating in the air, but it only stays there for about 10 mins before disappearing. A few more days of travel and the group gets into the foothills of the mountains, Suddenly a large rock crashes down near them as they are ambushed by a single giant. Quickly the group rushes to the giant while Zubrod fires arrows from horseback. A crushing blow is landed on Ogio, but Ryans good footwork and hits on the giant bring it’s focus to her. a few good spells from Bellamin and Regred as well as a few more arrows fell the big brute. With Ogio severely injured and an unknown land ahead of them, the Group decides to head back to Grice and wait for their fellow adventurers before heading back to the mountains.



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