The Calm within the Storm

Smoke on the water.

After arriving back at the Army Fields, south of Edril, the group met with the same unnamed officer in the non-descript command tent. Advising him of all that occurred in Keadle. The officer was unsettled by this talk of a prophecy and that the eight members of the group were somehow connected to it. This also brought up the issue of the fallen Zubrod.

The officer, seeing the need for a living Zubrod, wrote a note and sent it to the Temple tent authorizing his resurrection. Ryan had already taken his remains there and waited until while the priests began preparing the rituals. It would take a full day for the Magic to complete the task.

The group restocked supplies and also consulted with the officer about what the plans for the army were. They learned that the army massed on the edge of House Black’s forest had not moved forward but had done a great deal of shifting, they were now split into two main forces with a slight breach between them. The officer requested the group undertake a mission to journey into House Black lands and attempt to reach Shadom and if possible find out information about what House Black’s intentions were. As they were leaving, the officer pulled Tharimil back for a moment and spoke a few quiet words to him privately.

Before the party left the tent city, they waited at the temple and witnessed Zubrod’s emergence from the ritual wrappings around his body. Upon emergence, everyone noticed a very slight difference in his stature… He had become a halfling. After a testing the body out for a bit, Zubrod found he hadn’t lost anything in the way of skill, so the group decided to head out. Based on how the Black army was situated, the group had 3 possible paths into House Black lands, out along the plains area between Houses Green and Black to the west, sneaking along the river that marked the eastern edge of the lands of Edril, and lastly, trying to sneak between the two camps of the army and directly into the forested area.

The Party headed east and upon reaching the river, headed south into the heavily forested lands of house black. Staying within sight of the river, they continued south and during the night were attacked in camp by a huge spider being ridden by a drow. As it jumped down from the trees to attack, Zubrod ((i think)) shot an arrow straight into the riders head killing him near instantly. As the group began fighting the spider, another assailant attacked Tharimil at the rear of the party, this one riding a monstrous scorpion. While Ryan and most of the group focused on the huge spider, Ogio broke off to engage the scorpion and it’s rider. A brief battle continued, with the spider trying to ensnare victims in it’s web and repeatedly failing. The scorpion could not find a chink in Ogio’s armor and was struck dead by his blows. Tharimil slipped around one of the large trees in the area to sneak up on the rider and strike his back to bring him down just as the spider was being finished off.

The group moved on quickly knowing they didn’t want to be found near a dead patrol, and after several more days of following the river, they heard shouts and whistles ahead of them in the forest. The more stealthy individuals quietly moved forward to see what was happening and found a small dock with a Ship and a barge moored at it. Several warehouses stood nearby, as well as what appeared to be an inn with stables. Zubrod moved closer, seeing dockhands loading cargo onto the barge. Continuing into one of the warehouses on the edge of the docks, he checked several of the boxes, finding them full of foodstuffs.

Finding nothing of interest, he headed to the inn, Filled with a large number of sailors drink, gambling, and eating heartily. Zubrod asked some of the men about the captain of the ship at dock, and they told him he was upstairs, but probably wouldn’t want to be disturbed. Uncaring, he headed up the stairs to find a hall with a number of doors to the side, checking the first he found it locked and proceeded to the second, finding a very attractive halfling woman wearing very little. And promptly forgetting anything about what he might have been planning, decided to give his new body a spin….

After waiting outside and getting no signal from Zubrod, Sandolin and Tharimil were getting a bit bored. Tharimil decided to sneak onto the ship and see if he could find out what they were transporting. Sneaking up onto the ship, he went down into the hold, a few men left on board were gambling in a corner, the ship was empty however, possibly just unloaded. In the very bottom hold, using a flask of oil, Tharimil started a small fire and then snuck out. By this time, the rest of the group had moved up to the edge of the forest with Sandolin to watch things unfold. Seeing the fire beginning to spread on the ship, Bellamin decided to make sure and help it along and cast a fire spell into the hold of the ship through a porthhole. The sailors inside the ship that had been fighting the first fire suddenly had too much to deal with, one of them ran out to get help, shouting a screaming all the time. Tharamil had moved over to the barge and on the edge of it, set several of the boxes stacked on it a lit as well. By the time the sailors were running out to the inn, they had to fight with the dockworkers for buckets to put out the flames on both vessels.

As Zubrod had been finished off and paid up, he headed outside to a scene of pandemonium. Tharamil and himself, stealthily rejoined the group and they retreated back into the woods, They had also seen a road heading away from the dock area to the west. The group headed west and then south so they could meet up with this road out of sight of anyone. Another day of travel lead them to a crossroads, one of the signs pointed east to Shadom. The party headed east and after just another 2 days on the road, passing by alot of people traveling both directions, they arrived at the gates of Shadom. Entering into the city, they were greeted by the guards and advised about the inn district in the center of the city. Where the group headed directly to get a room and take stock of the best ways to handle their problems in City.



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