The Calm within the Storm

Portents and Temples

After mining what could easily be picked up and carried out of the mine north of Grice, the group had collected 270 lbs worth of Mithril (135 actual lbs.). In addition to Ryan attempting to very poorly hide a little mithril on her person, they were also getting a little worried about what might happen should the townspeople or someone else stumble upon them taking a nip of metal from the mine. They headed south and had Sandolin sneak into Grice to see what was happening. Suprisingly, the town was completely empty. No people, no animals, no momentos or knick-knacks in the homes. The only things remaining was some furniture and dust. Much to Bellamin’s sadness, the library underneath the mayor’s home was also removed. Zubrod found a large path of tracks heading out a hidden gate in the back of the town wall into the forest. Shrugging a little at the odd paranoia of the townspeople, everyone continued southwest back towards Stalag.

On the trek down, during one of his scoutings, Zubrod spotted something strange in a copse of trees they would pass near. Trying to approche carefully, he was suddenly attacked getting a gut full of arrow. Wounded but not incapacitated, he turned his horse and raced back to the wagon while more arrows fell around him. After taking a moment to tend his wound, the group changed directions to try and come up on the opposite side of the trees. As they approached the tres, hotts and calls were heard and a large shifting of people was heard. With their keen senses Zubrod and Sandolin estimated the number of bandits to be around 20. The group decided in this case, descretion to be the greater part of valor and cut a wide path around the trees. They continued through the open plains until reaching the Mist-filled depression surrounding Stalag, camping that night on the edge of Mist, on Wikket’s watch he saw a great white light pass across the sky and go down in the distance northwest of Stalag. Questioning Bellamin who was on watch with him, It seemed that only Wikket had seen the light, possibly a sign from one of the Gods.

Continuing their journey, the group reached Stalag without event. They spoke with the commander sharing the events they had found in Grice and asked if anything more could be done in the area. the Commander admitted that while they had cleared the east, south, and most of the western lands around Stalag of the Undead, thery were having more trouble to the north. They were holding against them, but could not make much progress in driving them completly back. Though they offered to help in that respect, Commander Wilhelm Foley requested they try to get further north of the undead and see if there was some greater cause that could be forcing the undead south from the mountians.

While also in Stalag, Wikket consulted with the local Priests and some of the Battle wizards about the sign he had seen. Others in the city had also seen it, and while possibly a sign from one of the gods, if it was some object from the heavens, they speculated that it would have landed northwest of the city, at perhaps a weeks journey.

Wikket asked the group to travel with him to investigate the sign, other information was found that a passage around the mountain range to the north might also be found on the western edge of the range. Heading west and then more northwest out of Stalag’s basin, the group also decide it would be prudent to bury the mithril incase some tragedy befell the wagon or horses during the journey. Marking the location on the large map Bellamin had taken from the Necromancer weeks ago, they buried the metal outside the basin in the middle of nowhere. Finally they reached the site of Wikket’s sign, a huge burnt out gash in the land. Easily a quarter mile long, earth had been piled up as if a god had reached down and pushed it aside like loose dirt. Though long burnt out, it was easily seen whatever had done this had been so hot as to ignite the very earth and stone it had landed on. Looking around the end point, they found no evidence of what could have caused such destruction until Zubrod’s tracking ability lead him outside the crater and found strange tracks. Thin legs had pressed deep into the ground and following them suggested a creature of immense size, with an easy stride of more than 15ft. The group decided to mark the location on Bellamin’s map and head north towards the mountains, following their primary goal from the Commander.

Heading north for several more days, they entered once more into the mist as the terrian became foothills approching the mountain range. They climbed in and out of the mist as they went along the hills. Finally they found the entrance to the pass through the mountains, though filled with mist, it wasn’t as deep as they had been traveling through. As they entered the pass, they also found the ground covered in bones, orcs, humans, elves, dwarves, even some unrecognizable skeletons on the ground. Moving through the pass was eirely quiet, the crunch of bones below the wheels and hoof of their movement. At several miles in length, the pass must have been the site of some great battle… or horrible massacre. In the midst of their crossing through the pass, Sandolin spotted something amongst the rock walls of the pass. Cackling gleefully, they saw the crazed hermit from Stalag, “DEATH!” he screached, “The pawns go to their death happily ahead of them!” before leaping agilely though the rocky cilff walls. Though a little unnerved by his statement, they pressed ahead and left the pass to find a huge valley within the mountian range filled with what appeared to be an ancient forest.

Camping at the edge of this forest, the group set up watch. During the night, the group was awoken by watch as three huge centipedes came up out of the pass behind them seeking an easy meal. Snatching weapons and armor, the group fought the monsterous creatures, slaying two, and wounding the third before it ran from them. In the morning, they packed up and headed into the Forest ahead of them. The strange mist continued even here, winding through the ancient trees they looked for signs of life, but saw only a few birds flying above the tree canopy. Several Days of travel in the forest yeilded little other results until the group was suddenly set upon by two ogres and a chained owlbear. Springing into action, Regred held the one holding the owlbear as most of the group moved to engage the 2nd ogre. He grabbed Ryan to squeeze her into submission, but an enlarge spell from Bellamin helped Ryan fight on a more equal footing to the ogre. While the owlbear drug it’s helpless master across the ground, the group pelted it with arrows and a few spells, eventually bringing it to the ground. Ryan with assistance from the rest of the group killed the ogre brawler, while his friend ran away, back into the forest, getting a few arrows in the rear for his trouble.

Continuing on in their haphazard wanderings the group came across a ruined stone building. After some searching and a little scraping at vines, they discovered murals on the remaining will depecting the Blessed Edrahil preforming some of his miracles. Figuring out that it must have been some kind of church, Wikket consecrated the ancient alter. Upon doing that, the low mist receded quickly out of the effect of the spell. Amazed at the effect, the group decided to rest there for the night.



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