The Calm within the Storm

C.S.I. Grice

Wikket seems to have gotten capral tunnel syndrome from spending 3 months writing up scrolls, but he has a nice new horse to show for it. Sandolin managed to steal his way into not quite an unwelcome status in Stalog, but it was highly recommended that he go steal stuff somewhere else. He spent the remaining time in Edril stealing as much as he could. He ended up not being arrested, so that’s a good thing.

Our intrepid adventurers have reunited in the town of Grice. Even after a not so impressive Diplomatic display by House Blue, we were still able to convince the mayor to let us go investigate the mine to see if we could determine what happened to the miners.

Once at the mines, the Mayor freaked out and ran, they also discovered that Nanoc probably needs some kind of anger management. The mayor’s horse probably agrees as Nanoc took a swipe at it when the mayor rode by. At the entrance, they discovered the mine doors had been blasted open from the inside. There were humanoid footprints wanding around and then went back inside. Some of the prints ended at a wall. This drove Sandolin a bit nuts because well, he thought there had to be a door there. Anyway, the group starts mapping and investigating the mine and discover it is infested with large spiders. With little trouble, the group dispatches the spiders for the most part. They burned their webs and discovered the bodies of several miners. As they reached the lower levels of the mine, a huge mutant super spider attacked them. Fortunatly they were able to kill it. Investigation revealed this spider was definitely not natural in origin.

On the last level of the mine, we found massive amounts of mithril still in place. A passage had been opened into a Huge underground cavern. The group decided to stay at the mine and pull out as much metal as they could for a week.



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